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How to create an SEM strategy?

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Do you want to know how to create an SEM strategy? Well, in this article, full of relevant information, we will show you.

First of all, you should know that SEM strategies allow a quick positioning and a better attraction of users, the same with the clear intention of buying the products you offer.

All this is due to the fact that this type of strategy is focused on search engine marketing, where you must pay for advertising within different portals or web pages, with a similar theme to yours.

Así que si quieres conocer, cómo crear una estrategia SEM, de manera sencilla y práctica, pues dentro de este artículo te mostramos todos los pasos, que debes de seguir para poder hacerlo.

Pasos para crear una estrategia SEM que posiciones

Actually, for many, mostly for those who are not experienced in the subject, the creation of an SEM strategy can be quite overwhelming and laborious, for that reason we leave you this list of steps to follow, so you do not fail to create yours:

Define your objectives

One of the first steps to follow, when implementing an SEM strategy, is to define your objectives, with this you should ask yourself questions such as:

  • What product or service does a specific community need?
  • What will be the audience I want to reach?
  • Do I want my brand, business or venture to be known globally, nationally or worldwide?

After answering these questions yourself, you can decide in which direction your SEM campaign will move. For this reason, it is always recommended to have clear objectives from the very beginning in order to have a successful strategy that can meet your goals.

Plus, you won’t find yourself spending money unnecessarily, without getting to the point you want to.

Locate the keywords of success

This is one of the most important and necessary points in any SEM strategy, with it is estimated to be able to locate the keywords that will define the entire campaign.

These same keywords must be correctly added within a good creative and optimized content, so that the web page is positioned better and faster. The wrong use of keywords can cause a loss and penalization in the search engines, so be careful with it.

Organize your ads

When creating an SEM strategy, you should organize the structure of the ads presented in it, within different groups. This allows you to show in a better way the statistics and results of the campaign.

These groups should always have a common theme, which is usually a specific product or service.

The most common mistakes that can be made in SEM strategies

Now, you should know that even if you follow the above steps, many people fall into the following mistakes:

Neglecting SEO

Actually, SEO optimization is a daily and constant process, which should never be left aside, because Google values organic traffic very much, in order to avoid penalties and obtain better results.

An unattractive page

You should know that within any positioning strategy, whether SEO or SEM, it is very important to have a web page that is attractive and of interest to users.

Decisions made lightly

Remember that SEM campaigns will always require a considerable economic investment, so you must be sure and firm when creating a specific campaign.

That’s it! With that we close this article, we hope we have helped you to know how to create an SEM strategy.

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