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How to create an SEO strategy?


Are you interested in knowing how to create an SEO strategy? Well, in this informative article we will show you.

First of all, you should know that SEO is a laborious process, where different disciplines, methods or techniques come together to create a successful strategy. Although, you also have to consider that the same SEO strategies have to be adapted according to the digital project that is being carried out.

For these reasons, we let you learn how to create an SEO strategy that fits your website along with your brand, business or venture.

How can I create an SEO strategy that will allow me to rank in Google?

If you want to be within the first positions, within the most famous search engine worldwide, Google, then we leave you some of the steps that you must implement within your SEO strategy. These are the following:

Create a fictitious representation of your ideal customer.

This is one of the first steps to be performed within SEO, with it is estimated to collect all the characteristics of what may be our ideal customer and what it is, is looking for in Google.

In order to create this representation, you can use different methods, among which are named:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Research

All of them, with the sole purpose of collecting accurate and precise data, which can lead us to know even closer, what is our ideal customer. In addition, it allows us to know what their desires or interests are, in terms of a specific service or product.

On the other hand, this first step can help us to define what our final SEO strategy will be, always remembering that what matters most is to attract customers or traffic, so that they themselves enter our web platforms.

Identify keywords

After having fully defined your target customer, you should proceed to identify the keywords that will help you to better position your web page.

At this point, you can use different keyword tools, which are available on different websites, among them are known:

  • Google Treds.
  • Keyword Planner.

Which are free tools, which Google itself, comes to make available to users. Although the truth is that there are many others, which are equally good and free, but if you want more accurate results, you can also purchase a membership cost tool.


Within this same point, it is always recommended to open an Excel or Word sheet, where the keywords are included and organized according to their importance and percentage of search by users.

Analyze the competition

Another very important point, within any good SEO strategy, is to analyze the competition, with this you can identify which are their strengths and in which aspects you are failing.

Always remember that at no time is it about copying or imitating what the competition does, but to explore the positive aspects that they have and implement them in your website, in a unique and different way.

For this, there are also very good tools that can help you, among them:

  • Screaming Frog
  • MozBar
  • Semrush

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Take care of the details

Within the creation of an SEO strategy, you should know that the accumulation of details is extremely important for Google to take you into account, with this we refer to details such as:

  • Fill in the Metadescription
  • Customize the links

Among many others, which are actually not only valued by Google, but also by your audience.

That’s all for this article! We hope we’ve been helpful in helping you learn how to create an SEO strategy. Read all about seo.

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