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How to sell SEO services


Are you interested in how to sell seo services, in this article we teach you how to be a good seofy.

Selling SEO services has become a priority currently, since, if you are not on the internet you are not at all. The chances that your business can grow online are high and that is why small and large companies need an SEO service.

Is it profitable to sell SEO services?

The answer is yes. 85% of users search for businesses online.

As we mentioned, if you are not on the internet you do not exist. And although there are competitions in this market it is still a profitable business, for those who decide to work with search engines and content indexing in Google.

Strategies that help you sell an SEO service

Just as web positioning has become indispensable for a business, the competition from those who offer these services is high. For this reason you must stand out by generating authentic strategies.

Through some strategies in digital media you can offer your SEO web positioning services.

Make a market evaluation

Remember that those who cover a lot do little. The important thing about offering a personalized service is to create efficiency in what is done.

For this reason, ask yourself first: Which sector do I want to offer my services to first? What kind of professionals? Small or large companies? Sectorize your work and you can see better results.

Sell a result beyond positioning

Let’s say you’re an expert at positioning your customer in the top 3 of first searches for a keyword on Google. Despite this, your client receives visitors but they do not become customers. What’s the point of being positioned if you don’t make sales?

Expand your services

Starting from the previous point, what do you think your client needs to acquire other customers? The answer is marketing strategies or in other words knowing how to sell your product or service.

So the best thing will be that you acquire those strategies and you can offer them to your client and thus further enhance their content.

Emphasize profit

If the client observes that the provision for your services is equal to the number of profits, he alludes to the fact that this is only a profit that would be practically “free”.

Offering a service with all the strategies reduces the waiting time and you can see the profits immediately.

Talk about the why and not the how

It may seem like a bit of a selfish strategy but it is important to mention to your client why it is necessary to implement a search engine optimization service.

How your job is and what you’ve gained years of experience for. So while it’s important to inform the client of what you’re going to do, you should be careful not to explain step by step what you do as an SEO consultant.

How to sell SEO services in digital media?

Digital media go hand in hand with SEO web positioning. What better place to promote yourself?

Just as we explain it. There is no better place to promote yourself than the internet. That’s why we mention below how to promote your SEO services:

Have your own website

If you are an SEO consultant and do not have your own website positioned, are you really an SEO specialist? Let the answers speak for themselves.

Having a website is the pillar of constancy of your business and what you are able to create for other small and large companies.

Inbound marketing

An inbound marketing strategy goes with web positioning. Perform a keyword search with little competition and inform your visitors that you are able to achieve SEO positioning in a business.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging’s strategy has a win/win agreement. Since, you go as a guest on the blog of a colleague talking about your services and he gets through this new post new users on his blog who could also become potential customers.

Email marketing

You may be browsing the web and find pages where you think they need many strategies so that they can position themselves in searches. What can you do? Send an email to your potential client explaining what you see what is needed and how you can improve it.

You can also send emails to old customers by promoting the service or new packages you’ve implemented. You continually remind them that you are there in case they need you.

Earn real reviews

Reviews are an important part of your website and one of the reasons why your customer will decide whether or not to take your service.

If your customers have reported how much they have increased sales after requiring your search engine optimization services, this visitor will not think twice to close the deal with you.

Use Business WhatsApp

Similar to the strategies used in e-mail marketing is what happens with the use of whatsApp for business. It is another tool that you can use to send promotions and SEO consultation packages to your regular customers.

It’s also a runway for potential clients who have observed your services on freelancer platforms and social media.

Join freelancer platforms

The important thing about entering these platforms where there are millions of people offering a service just like yours is that you sell yourself as a professional or SEO consultant.

Some in which this business model can work are the following:

Fiverr: This platform is the best ally for SEO consultants who want to sell their services for the first time. Making a good advertising image about what it is able to offer its customers and the advantages of acquiring a service with you.

Freelancer: The Freelancer page is another guaranteed by autonomous experts to offer your services. Something you should take into consideration is that for your project to have reach and visibility you must pay a fee.

Forums: There are Forums where you can enter the business section and also offer your service. Of course, for the second mentioned you must have an “invitation” from another old user.

Promote yourself on social networks

Once you know everything you need to implement on your website, it’s time for you to go to social media. We mention some in which you can sell your services as an SEO consultant.

Social networks is the best place to offer your SEO web positioning services

Instagram to sell SEO services

Instagram’s mode of indexing photos, videos and stories allows you to create a step-by-step of what you are able to achieve with a website from scratch. (Of course, always remember to explain why and not the how)

So Instagram is an autonomous way to offer your services to millions of users who connect daily on this social network.

Facebook to sell SEO services

If you have fulfilled the initial strategy of evaluating the market, what type of professional you want to address, ages included and region. What better than using a Facebook Ads strategy!

One of the advantages of the Facebook Ads tool is segmentation. By offering your service to a certain sector there are more chances of purchase.

LinkedIn to sell SEO Services

Why not try to sell your services as an SEO Consultant through this platform? Since you are good at implementing strategies it is time to start one in this network.

In addition, you can enter the Premium section where a professional belonging to this network will help you position and sell your services more.

Other tips that could help you sell more SEO services

As we have talked about throughout this article it is important to generate functionality and effectiveness in the service offered. So we want to give you other tips to sell SEO services quickly:

Search engine optimization service is a job that has a process. It is important that you offer all phases at a comfortable price.

Onpage and offpage audit: The audit allows you to know in depth how the status of the page. And not only this but you can also explain step by step to your client how the objectives have been achieved over time, Move from the micro to the macro..

Marketing strategies: Once you have done an evaluation and research of the keywords to attack, you do not need to write them nonsense within the text. Offer your customer a content plan that will help them properly promote their product or service.

On-site optimization: In this phase of implementing everything related to Google Search, statistics, optimization on mobile devices among others. This process is supported with a report that will record the work done so far and so the client can have a monitoring of the progress implemented on the page.

What other strategies do you think can be implemented and have we not named throughout this article? Leave us a comment on it.

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