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Marketing strategies and types


Here I leave you different strategies and types of marketing and concepts that can help you in your overall strategy for your brand, product or service:

  • Marketing Plan. Discover the meaning of this concept, why it is necessary to design a good marketing plan and the keys to create the best one. Without a marketing plan, the objectives set by the company or brand cannot be achieved.
  • Digital Marketing or Online Marketing. Digital marketing or also online marketing is the discipline of marketing that is committed to developing a strategy only in the digital environment.
  • Direct Marketing. Direct marketing or direct marketing is a type of campaign that seeks to trigger a result before a certain audience, based on direct and two-way communication.
  • Email Marketing. Bet on one of the marketing techniques with more profitability and effectiveness in terms of return. Send emails to your audience and define your segmentation very well.
  • Viral Marketing. That a content goes viral is the dream of any brand. Viral marketing is like a virus that replicates from one human to another, uncontrolled and with a mind-blowing ability to expand.
  • Mobile Marketing. Mobile marketing is a broad concept that brings together all those actions and marketing campaigns focused exclusively on mobile devices: smpartphones and tablets.
  • Performance Marketing. Performance Marketing or Results Marketing is a methodology applied by several marketing agencies and assure advertisers that they only have to pay for results achieved.
  • Inbound Marketing. This methodology focuses on the creation of valuable content to attract qualified traffic and aligned with your sector. In order to attract potential customers, with whom to work then towards the final sale.
  • Marketing Tools for Instagram. Those free marketing tools that will help you improve your strategy on Instagram, the fashionable social network and with the largest exponential growth.

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