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SEO in cryptocurrencies


Are you interested in knowing everything about SEO in the crypto world? Inside this article we leave you The SEO in cryptocurrencies.

Search engine optimization has become a fundamental element for the success of an online business or a website. That is why the demand for SEO agencies has skyrocketed in recent years, Everyone wants to appear in Google’s top results and attract organic traffic.

However, when it comes to hiring the services of positioning professionals, it is always necessary to watch out for payment alternatives that hinder the client-agency relationship.

Either because of currency exchange problems -in the case of international payments- or because you are charged unfair commissions, as with PayPal.

That is why we want to talk about the benefits of hiring a cryptocurrency SEO agency. A decentralized, secure, fast and without additional costs.

If you haven’t adopted this payment method yet, either because you don’t know the advantages -some believe they only work for investment- or because you are suspicious, this post on SEO in cryptocurrencies will help you.

SEO in cryptocurrencies

From payments without geographical restrictions, to irreversible operations, here are some advantages of hiring cryptocurrency SEO services.

Instant payments

The speed of transactions is one of the characteristics of cryptocurrency payments. These take seconds, and in the worst case minutes, to appear in the account of the person or company receiving the cryptocurrencies.

If we compare it with bank accounts, where sometimes the money is withheld -we will talk about that later-, you have to wait for confirmation from intermediaries or some of them only work on business days, it is obviously better.


No matter where you are located, you can hire SEO agencies and position your web platform thanks to virtual currencies.


This is an important point. When you pay with payment processors, cards or transfers, something always happens: it is held, awaiting confirmation, they reverse the transaction, third parties cancel it, etc.

With cryptocurrencies this does not happen. They cannot be cancelled. They are irreversible. Once you send it, there is no way for others to modify the transactions.

This is thanks to blockchain technology, which is the backbone of cryptocurrencies, where each transaction is recorded in a chain of nodes and cannot be altered without breaking the entire record – which is impossible.


All cryptocurrency transactions are confidential. The identity is not revealed at any time. The agency cannot know who is performing the transaction, nor the name, identity document, etc. There is also no need to wait for validation by third parties and intermediaries. All payments are totally secure.

Lower costs

If you do a quick search, you’ll find that traditional payment processors, while they work – in most cases – are demonized for their high fees.

For each transaction, there are commissions that easily exceed 3-4 euros depending on the amount. Not to mention international transactions, whose operations involve high costs and even taxes.

If you have the possibility of not paying fees, it’s worth taking it, right? That, precisely, is what cryptocurrencies offer. It does not involve additional criminal costs that will leave a hole in your pocket.

Of course, price fluctuation is an issue to take into account, but it depends on the currency you choose and the moment you make the operation.

It is simple

Finally, it is worth mentioning that paying SEO with cryptocurrencies is simple. You just need to have a wallet, the address of the agency to hire and send the agreed amount in virtual currencies.

This world of cryptocurrencies is “new” although the bitcoin already has more than a decade, it is new the importance that is taking lately, it is NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE each person chooses, it is advised by experts only invest what you do not occupy or that money give it as lost may in a few years that money will multiply but you can also lose everything, is random, it is very volatile all currencies, who does not dream of being a millionaire with shiba inu… But it is very volatile, no one knows what will happen tomorrow, maybe tomorrow will be the boom and the future or maybe it is just something to remember. Please don’t forget to share and comment.

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