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SEO positioning guide: Beginners


Are you interested in knowing everything about SEO? Inside this article we leave you the SEO Positioning Guide: Beginners.

Surely you must know that every project, company or business today, needs a certain level of digital advertising, because today everyone is more aware of social networks. Or look for references within the search engines, in order to know the reliability of a certain company or service.

For this reason, we have given ourselves the task of making a whole SEO Positioning Guide: Beginners, so that anyone who does not know about SEO or search engine optimization, can still position their project easily.

What is SEO positioning?

The acronym SEO refers to the search optimization that a web page can have in the main search engines, such as Google. In this case, it often consists of making small changes in different areas of the same web page.

In this way, the aim is to provide users and visitors to the website in general with the best possible experience.

On the other hand, the word SEO is also given to the person in charge of improving the positioning of the web page within the search engines, this work becomes complex and not everyone can receive the position of SEO.

How does SEO help us?

You should also know that by using SEO strategies, you can get several benefits, which help a lot to your digital project, those same benefits are the following:

  • Brand visibility is provided. This means that your brand will start to be known by the audience you want to target.
  • More sales opportunities. All businesses, companies or ventures from the very beginning want their sales to go through the roof and by doing SEO, it can be achieved.
  • Positioning as market leader. At this point, it is no longer enough just to be known, but you will also be the number one in terms of services and products, so many users will prefer you.

SEO positioning guide: Beginners on Google

Within this SEO positioning guide: Beginners, we also talk about Google and how we can position our content within it, with the help of an SEO strategy.

For Google, to take into account our web project, we must take into account a few parameters, which must be improved at its maximum expression, in order to be able to position, these are the following:

SEO On Page

When we talk about SEO On Page, we refer to all the optimizations that can be delivered to a web page so that it can be placed within the first Google search results. To do this you need:

  • Quality, useful and fresh content.
  • Keyword analysis.
  • Optimize tags (HTML) with keywords.
  • Improve the design of the website, from its structure, to its loading time, among others.
  • Make the website secure, with HTTPS and SSL security certificates.

Off Page SEO

After having all the points of SEO ON Page ready, then we have the SEO Off Page and the latter is absolutely necessary, in order to differentiate our website from the competition. For this we need to have the following:

  • Trust and credibility of the website.
  • Backlinks, which are nothing more than hyperlinks that connect your website to other websites with authority and time.
  • Relevant data, which can locate us geographically.
  • Strategies within social networks, so that you can also be known in these media.

That’s all for this article! We hope that our SEO Positioning Guide: Beginners has helped you to know the basics to position your web project.

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