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Seo or Search Engine Optimization is more than just a word, it is to exist, because if you are not on the internet you do not exist, l. If you are a lover of the seo world, this is your website.



As we mentioned before, if you are not on the internet, you do not exist and although there is competition in the market, you can make any profitable online business with a good seo for those who decide to work with search engines and indexing in google.


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SEM and SEO: differences and joint strategy

SEO and SEM are two essential basics in online marketing strategies, but they are also two acronyms that lead to confusion: which is better for my brand and how can I use them to enhance each other?

It’s time to clear all your doubts about this topic, related to SEM and SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. According to Wikipedia, it can be defined as “the process of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of different search engines”. In our country, SEO strategies focus on Google, since it is the search engine used by the vast majority of users.

Within this definition, it is very important to note that SEO refers to organic results, that is, we will not pay the search engine company so that our pages position better.

  • Relevance. Google considers that a website is relevant when it corresponds precisely to a specific search, that is, when it responds to the doubt or question that the user has asked. To improve the relevance of our website, we use on-site SEO techniques: keyword and URL optimization, faster loading times, better user experience, etc.
  • Authority. A website has authority when it is popular, and this popularity is measured by the number of links pointing to it. To improve the authority of a website, off-site SEO techniques are used, among which link building stands out.

What is SEM?

On the other side of the coin, SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. In a global way, we could consider that SEM encompasses all the techniques used to improve the positioning of a website (including SEO). However, most marketers use SEM as a synonym for “search engine advertising.” To avoid confusion, we will do the same in this article.

SEM, therefore, refers to the techniques that improve the positioning of our website through paid ads that appear in search engines for certain keywords. In our country, the most popular search engine advertising solution is Google Ads.

What is SEM?aThe main differences between SEO and SEM

As we have seen, both SEO and SEM seek to improve the positioning of a website in search engines, such as Google. But there are several differences between them:

  • The most obvious is the type of investment they require. There is a stereotype that “SEO is free”, but this is not exactly so: getting a website capable of occupying the first positions in the search results requires time, effort and, ultimately, budget. But with the exception of some maintenance costs, it is mostly an initial investment that yields results in the future. On the other hand, if you use SEM, you will have to continue paying for each click on your ads.
  • The place your website will occupy on the results pages is also different. Google Ads ads take up a band at the top and a column to the right of the page, while organic search results take over the central space.
  • The type of content we work with is different between the two strategies. SEO is based on creating quality content, usually in longer formats, while in SEM you have ads with a very small number of characters and landing pages designed to achieve maximum impact with the minimum elements.
  • Finally, the temporality is also different: with the SEM you seek to achieve results in the short / medium term, while SEO is a medium / long term bet.

How to combine SEO and SEM in your marketing strategy?

The next question is which is better, using SEO or SEM? And the answer is both at once. If you combine them with intelligence, you will be able to take advantage of their mutual potential to achieve better results in both strategies.

SEM first, SEO later:

  • The first step is to carry out a previous study of the most searched keywords that receive the most clicks by sector, product or service. To do this, we use tools such as Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, or SEMRush, specially designed for SEM. The idea is to find words that have a high demand (many users are looking for them), but in which the “offer” of positioned web pages is still relatively low.
  • Using the insights we have achieved in the previous section, we launch our SEM campaigns to attract visitors. In this way, you can achieve tangible results from the first moment, without the long wait that organic positioning strategies require.

But of course, all this work we’ve done is reusable for SEO. We already know which keywords interest us the most and how many users search for them. The next step is to use this information to plan our content strategy, working our website, blog and social networks around these keywords. It is not about including them in texts without ton or are, but about trying to understand what users are looking for and how we can respond to their needs with quality content, all while reinforcing the link building strategy. And so, in the medium and long term, we can see the fruits of our effort in organic positioning in Google.

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A lot of people are the ones who search the internet before buying. There are studies that indicate that almost 85% of buyers Google the item before buying. Some want to know more features, such as price, size, weight, more technical characteristics, such as voltages, usb port quantity, compatibility with one or another product.


This has happened to all of us, even when I started making my first website, I did not know that I had to index it in Google so that the search engine knew that my website existed. So if you’re a merchant or business owner, you probably didn’t know it either.

After Google knows that your website exists, the SEO battle begins.

As we explained earlier, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. So if we focus on this, we can understand that Google does not position search results by chance, but through complex algorithms that no one knows in its entirety.

Let me tell you a little anecdote that can exemplify what happens with Google and its positions. Recently I was called from a company that was a “pharmacy and perfumery” and asked me what was happening. When they searched for “pharmacy,” they appeared within the top three positions on Google, but when they searched for “perfumery” they were nowhere to be found. When you take a quick look at that website, nowhere does it say it’s perfumery. So the owners of the business, thought that Google like people would understand that they were also perfumery as well as the rest of the people. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is where SEO comes in. If you make a series of articles with good content, you can make Google understand that you are the best answer to your customers and that they know that you are the best in your field. You should not only tell Google and your customers that your website is about “pharmacies”, but about “perfumeries” and everything that has to do with the field, with different ways in which they search for you, that they know you, what is known as keywords or search intentions.

Do you already realize what happens with SEO? Many people will be looking for you, but you do not have an optimized page, so that those who need your services, find you.

Unfortunately if you are on the second page of Google there is no chance that your website is known and found by your customers, since 95% of the visits, only click on one of the results of the first page and if you do not find there what you are looking for, do another search with other words.

If you make a good SEO strategy on your website (SEO onpage) you can position much better, even than your competition and ensure greater sales of your company.


For your website to have a better positioning on the internet, you must use SEO strategies, aimed at improving some internal aspects of your website, such as:

In case you did not notice, all the aspects that were mentioned of web positioning, are the same that you value in terms of a Web.

If the web is slow to load, you leave the web; if the images take time to load and then are of poor quality, you leave the web; if the title is not appropriate to the content of the article or does not solve the problem you want to solve, you leave the web.

If your client’s web experience is the best, have no doubt that your website will rank among the first results of Google. In short, quality in your content, consistency in what you offer, the best content (that answers all the questions of your customers) and an unbeatable user experience.


The path of SEO is not easy. First, you must work hard and in a very professional way to achieve good results. And yet it is not certain that you can position yourself in the first places of Google.

Why does this happen? Previously we said that Google uses a complex algorithm to define which website responds best to the search intention of a user, for this reason it is difficult to handle all the variables that this entails.

For the same reason, a website can take up to years to position itself within the first results for Google.

Can you imagine competing on Google to be the trendy restaurant on the main street of your city? Positioning for this search intent is extremely difficult because there are many restaurants that are doing the same thing, but not impossible.

Now, imagine that what you want is help with the repair of your washing machine Brand x, model 1234. Position “washing machine repair brand x model 1234”. It is something much more specific and that also fewer people will be looking for it, so it is more likely that it will cost us less to position.

But the important thing is not how long it takes a website to position in the first places, the really important thing (and that is what SEO does), stay in the top positions. If your website pleases the customer and gives it the best experience, you can keep your website in the Top of Google.


It will raise your sales significantly.

As we have already seen, here there is no spending on advertising, but an investment in quality content for your client.

You will receive fully qualified visits. The visits that arrive at your website, will be because they are looking for your service or product.

SEO makes Google and your customers understand what your website is about. We may have spent millions on making a beautiful website, but without SEO no one will see it.

SEO is not about web programming, but about the quality of your content.

SEO is free advertising. Many who do not do SEO, will have to pay to get the first positions, which you will get naturally.

People (and even your competition) will share the contents of your website, making it much better known and attracting more and better customers to your business.

Of course (we explained it before) that SEO will help your customers find you easily.

When you apply SEO on your website, your website also becomes a benchmark of quality, trust and credibility that is transferred beyond the screen of your computer or cell phone.

SEO makes you a reference. If you’re number one in Google searches… for something it should be and that something is SEO (that is, quality, trust, user experience and much more).

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